Chicken & Waffles:
The best combination since…?

Alright, we give. One bite of the savory, crispy, slightly spicy meets the fluffy, maple syrupy, golden-buttery-goodness, and…you just get it. While Lo-Lo’s can’t take credit for inventing this famous flavor duo, we do dare say that we perfected it.

You see, the combination is only as good as its individual parts.

It starts with freshest chicken, battered with a secret blend of spices (seriously, no one knows Larry “Lo-Lo” White’s seasoned salt recipe except his father) and fried to golden perfection.

Then comes the waffle mix. The reason our delicious waffles have their own, distinct almost creamy flavor and lighter-than-air texture is because Lo-Lo created his very own, secret recipe. The perfect complement? Lo-Lo’s secret maple syrup, of course.

There’s a reason it’s called soul food.

Although Lo-Lo’s is known for its chicken & waffles, there’s a whole menu’s worth of scratch-made soul food.

Lo-Lo’s family recipes for items like Uncle Brotha’s Shrimp & Grits, Aunt Hattie’s Salmon Croquettes, Collard Greens, Fried Green Tomatoes and much more are made 100 percent onsite, inside every Lo-Lo’s location.

Our hope is that you’ll continue to share the essence and passion of generations past with your family and friends. That’s the Lo-Lo’s way…and the best things never change.

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